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Why Us

What do we offer?


We offer no cost World Wide Publishing and Distribution and Administration of your music and videos

You keep 100% of your copyright



  • Administration

  • Licensing

  • Collection

  • Distribution 

  • Marketing

  • Exploitation


Who is it for? 


Great for independent artist that want help reaching new markets and publishing opportunities 

“Whether you’re a Independent Artist or Producer we’ve got something for you.”

You have enough on you platet wring, rehearsing, recording performing, social media, more writing, promotionals. When is there time to search the planet for every performance of your music/video. That's what we do.


Not every writer or producer wants to tour the world.

Many song writers composers, and producers simply want to create.


Now you can.

You create and we do the selling for you

We constantly pitch your songs to music supervisors, other artist to cover

Television, films commercials, ringtones and many many more outlets as well as other publishers and labels that are looking for your kind of stuff.


Why do you need it?


Publishing yourself can be time consuming and emotionally draining

We’ll be your publishing partnr freeing you up to create more.  


  • We help manage your song/s or catalog:


  • You're a gifted writer, you need not be a gifted promoter, ademinstrator.


  • Yes, you can manage your works, keep in mind there are tens of thousands of radio stations, and streaming services world wide that need to be monitored. Not to mention TV, restaurants nightclubs shopping centers. now Facebook and so many more. it's a full time job for a team of people, our people.

  • And this doesn’t include pitching time needed to contact licensing opportunities.  One song maybe fairly doable to keep track of. 

  • But three or more songs or a video and suddenly there will be little time for writing new songs, because of the time associated with the world wide exploitation and collections for those songs or videos.


  • Leave that to us. Simply log into your account to check on the status of your entire catalog at a glance.


  • Synchronizations: Television, films, commercials, and Youtube.


  • We leverage our sub publishers around the world for the best deals on your behalf.


  • We also track down incorrect listings of your registrations when a forign users

spells your name wrong

What’s our story?

We have over 25 years in the music publishing world and are pioneers in the publishing partnership field. 

Sonicology was founded by musicians and film makers for musician and film makers


Your Sonicology Interactive Statements reports and analytics are clear and easy to understand Effortlessly keep track of your sales and placements.   


What’s next?

Getting started is quick easy and simple click here for more info.

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