Asbury Park New Jersey’s own Time Marches On is more than just your typical Alt- Funk Rock band with two beautiful teenage girls fronting it. They may be...

young but these guys rock hard. TMO (Time Marches On) are living proof that raw talent, ambition and honesty can still prevail in today's music industry. What else would explain the fans attraction and a blossoming career. By aligning their unwavering dedication to the do-it-yourself work ethic with a signature sound, singer/guitarist Sasha Alexander, drummer Nicholas A,keyboardist/Vocals Farrah Alexander and bassist Jerry Franklin are helping to define the landscape of today’s indie-rock music scene. The backbone of their work? Stylistically eclectic songs—suggesting a range of influences from The 70’s to Present ultra modern. Their mix of unashamed rock riffs, lush synths and funky bass bottom supports Sasha and Farrah’s energetic vocal and infectious delivery. Time Marches On: Is a Funky/Alt band from NJ. Featuring, Sasha Alexander (guitar vocals) Farrah Alexander (Keyboards vocals), Nicholas Alexander on drums. TMO started as SONIC SISTER in 2008 when the Alexander siblings formed Sonic Sister which became Time Marches On after younger bro Nico joined in. Those baby band years were filled with music lessons and a Boys & Girls Club Tour. Fast forward: In 2013 this now tween-band became a Youtube sensation with a set of fifteen cover songs uploaded with the highlight tunes being an uplifting rendition of Squeeze - (Pulling muscles from the shell) , and a Funk/Rock version of Daft Punk’s- (Get Lucky). A List Comments:
CAMEO - Shake Your Pants Cover “ Love this, love the interpretation! Great job you guys. This is Tomi Jenkins from Cameo”. HADOUKEN! themselves sent me here! Ridiculous cover! keep it up & rock on! Greetings from Vienna Around that time TMO plays their first real club gig. Currently: Time Marches on has been playing the Jersey Shore club circuit for 3 years and they are still teenagers with lots of experience and energy. They have also had some tour dates up and down the east coast playing several shows in Tampa Fl. GA, and Miami. The band took a break for the summer of 2016 as Lead singer Sasha Alexander Graduated from hHigh School and was dealing with things like proms and becoming a beautiful, smart, and talented young woman. Right Now: The band has just released the first signal GO! Along with three remixes. They plan to release 5 single and various remix editions over the next 6 months as a run up to their 2017 album release. The step by step recording of these songs can be followed by watching them on their self-titled Youtube series called Mix Our Band. Mix Our Band: Is a series featuring us recording, mixing, and mastering our very hopefully eclectic new album (ITB) in the box, in a home studio environment. We really put this concept to the test. Follow along each week and share your tips and tricks with us and help us out. p.s. Don't forget to subscribe. These Girls/Guys are Hungry: Fierce, and full of musical ideas Truly Ready for The World. Time Marches On: Music description. Time Marches On aka T.M.O is a New Jersey base Alt/Rock band. Sasha Alexander- Guitar/ Vocals, Farrah Alexander- Keys/Vocals, Nicholas Alexander- Drums/Percussion and Jerry Franklin- Bass. T.M.O. has their own very eclectic take on funk/rock based tunes that flirts with “Muse” like ProgRock and 80s “Squeeze/Psychedelic Furs” style classic & Rock w/ a touch of urban. TMO also take on subdued acoustic guitar/piano ballads and “White Stripes” like Indie/Dance. But make no mistake these guys/girls are young and full of energy also writing electro house/pop/Hip Hop/rock and some modern R&B. And the occasional weird and wonderful ambient psychedelic tune. And that's not all they always serve up their original acoustic versions of songs along side a slamming remix.


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Go! + Remixes

by Time Marches On

This full download contains Go! the powerful Alt/rock tune by Time Marches On plus 3 remixes. Electro, House, Tropical House

Genre: Alternative: Indie: House: Electro: Tropical House

File Type: 44.1k 16-Bit Wav File

Release Date: 2016

 Songs music publishing -Music Video, alt-rock ,  electronic dance EDM hip hop hip hop music, the United States New Jersey 

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