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(c)Copyright - Sonicology srp000917002

by Peachie Queen & Alex Murphy

Firey Latin / Hip-Hop track with female rapper and melodic R&B vocal backgrounds.

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap: Latin Rap

Release Date: 2017

File Type: 44.1k 16-Bit Wav File

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United States - New York

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    No there is no fee when creating an account. Create your free account to take advantage of all the great information available for creators. Our earings are based on your releases sucessful publication and administration There are future prodcts in development such as Apps, Presets, Plugins Templates, Tutorials etc: That will be available for purchash.
  • Is my personal data safe?
    Absolutly we do not share any data with 3rd parties. The only data we do share is with other publishing outlets, in an effort to genarate revenue on your behalf.
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    Yes you can terminate your free Creators Hub membership at any time. If you have a Creator Pro release with us it would have come with a term limit please refer to that (TOS) terms of service aggrement.
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    Zero Cost! If we decide to release your track, video or film we won't charge you anything ever. This is a real record release and we only collect when you collect.
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    Our partnerships give you the power to distribute your music, videos and films to places like Beatport, Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, MTV, Vevo, YoutubeRed and many more major outlets. See our list of digatial partners, for Music or Video/Film
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    We are a new company with new ideas and we're growing fast come grow with us. We have the most comprehensive GENERAL PARTNERS TERRITORIES list of any Distributor / Independent Label / Publishers in the world. Learn more: With massive new territories in China, Africa, and India. Learn more:
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    Yes we can provide both: iTunes & Amazon Pre-sales. Click here to find out more about pre selling your works.
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    Yes: Every release is packaged with maximum reach in mind. We Pitch your music to the many music supervisors and subpublishers in our network Promotions happen at different budget levels for each release.
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    Recurring Promotion: When we release compilation mixes with various artist that means you get another bite at the distribution apple alongside fresher releases or more established artist. Learn more:
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    Co-Publishing Agreement As the songwriter partaking in a co-publishing agreement, you typically give away 50% ownership of your publisher’s share to the publisher with which you sign (hence the name "co-publishing"). In doing so, you retain 100% of your writer’s share and 50% of your publisher’s share, therefore you will receive 75% of your total publishing royalties. The term of these agreements is typically one year, though the publishing company can exercise options to renew the deal if certain stipulations of the contract are met. Within the term, you, the songwriter, will have certain obligations, such as submitting a minimum number of songs that are commercially satisfactory. If you have co-written any of the songs being submitted, only the percentage that you have written will count towards satisfying the minimum amount of songs agreed upon in the contract (i.e., if you write 50% of two songs, it will | 26 count as one full song towards your minimum requirement). Sometimes the agreement will also require that a number of your songs are recorded and released by an artist on a label. Because the publisher takes partial ownership over the works, they have much more of an incentive to exploit your compositions and generate royalties from them. They will do this in a number of ways: pitching your songs to music supervisors for synchronization in television, film, and advertising, as well as to labels to be recorded and released by major artists, and by setting you up on co-writes with artists and other songwriters. In addition to this creative work, your publisher will also be doing all of the necessary administrative duties, such as registering your songs with PROs and collecting royalties on your behalf. Though you retain ownership of 50% of the publisher’s share in this deal, you are often giving away 100% creative control over the song itself. This means you will have little say in how the song is used (aside from what is agreed upon in terms set by the initial contract, i.e., not allowing your compositions to be used for political campaigns or in inappropriate content). This control will often be granted to the publisher in perpetuity, meaning the publishing company will retain rights to your compositions written under your deal with them, even after your deal is over. There are certain laws in place that allow you to have your rights reverted back to you a number of years after the termination of your deal (normally 35-40 years). One of the most enticing aspects of a co-publishing deal is the advance. Publishing companies will customarily offer you a sum upon signing the contract. This can be alluring for a songwriter. But it’s important to know that this advance must be recouped in full by the publisher before you are paid out any royalties from your compositions. Typically, the publisher will collect their 25% (50% of the publisher’s share), and set your 75% (100% writer’s share and 50% publisher’s share) against your advance until it is paid back entirely. It is only then that you will begin to be paid 75% of all future income your songs generate. Sonicology Publishing Partnership Solution We offer a $0-$100 max advances Most artist find it hard to reach even this threshold. This is low enough so that you can start being paid quickly. You Keep 100% of your copyright This is a Non exclusive aggreement & arrangment We are betting on you to win. How it works: We'll spend a set and agreed upon caped level of our own money on various campaigns for exploiting your music, When your music breaks even with the amount spent you get paid. Keep track of how well your music is doing with your Sonicology Interactive Statement. Most artist find it hard to reach even this threshold. This is low enough so that you can start being paid quickly. Select a cap level we will not spend over the max amount set exploiting your music. You don’t and won’t owe anything remember we’re betting on you. tip: Make you selection based on what it cost you to make your music we will try to match it. Starter - $0 - $100 Great for home recordings with low to no budget cost Request Application Basic - $100 - $1000 Great for Pro Studio recording/mastered projects (Studio receipts required) (Producer Cost if any required) Request Application Home Town - Hero - $1000 - $25,000 Great for Pro Studio recording/mastered projects (Studio receipts required) (Producer Cost if any required) Request Application National Star - $25000 - $250,000 This option is only available to rising Home Town Hero Partners, after an evaluation. Request Application
  • Music Video Submissions Requirements
    In order to pass QC reviews for delivery to Download-to-Own platforms, you'll need to meet the highest levels of our Delivery Specs, e.g. ProRes 422 (HQ), and avoid all video quality issues Take these steps, and we'll ensure your music videos go live without a hitch. Always, Your Team at Sonicology Click Here to reead Music Video Submissions Requierments
  • I can put my own video on Youtube. Why do I need you?
    That's right you can put your own videos on youtube and some other video up-loaders sites and somtimes so do we. But.... ...Great videos can also be distributed to other more (Commercial Outlet's like Netflix hulu, YoutubeRED, Vevo and many many more). If you make great music videos or a captivating theatrical indie film or documentry let's think big.
  • When will I get paid?
    You will see your first royalty statment show up on you dashboard 30 days after a release We will post your statments then. It typically takes about 9 - 12 months to receive royalties after the song was played and fully registered.
  • Payment Options PayPal / Certified Check / Money Orders
    Payout options: We are currently use: Paypal to make payouts to you You will need to have an active paypal account to recieve your Royalty payouts Go to Paypal: Mailed Certified Check Please make sure your contact info is up to date Money Orders Please make sure your contact info is up to date No direct deposit request please.
  • How will I know what I'm earning? What reports do you provide
    We generate quarterly reports compiled from several sources ie: Plays Charting Revenue earned
  • How do I access my statements?
    To access statements use they direct link and password provided to you once you content goes live (You can update your password after longing in at least once) . This will take you to an interactive spreadsheet statement page for the last three monthly payments made. You can access downloadable PDF and CSV statements by clicking the “View Statements” link at the top of the interactive statement page. Downloadable statements are provided.
  • How do I change my payment address
    On your Sonicology interactive spreadsheet statement page, click "Edit Info" next to the registrant you wish to update. On the following page, "Edit This Registrant's Contact Information" to update the payment address or phone numbers. Note: Most update requests will involve uploading a completed form.
  • How do I view my previous submissions?
    All your releases are posted on your artist page. And your statements will relfect your release history
  • Why haven't I received payment for my "Active" registrant on"
    (Sonicology interactive spreadsheet statement page)? Sonicology has a minimum threshold of $100 for monthly payments (effective July 2014), for Paypal. The quarterly payment thresholds are $10. If royalties due to a registrant do not meet the threshold during a payment period, the earnings are held and rolled forward until they reach the minimum amount.
  • Why does my account say "On Hold"?"
    There are various reasons for a registrant to be placed on hold. Please click the "On Hold" link (next to the registrant name) to contact Sonicology Customer Services. We may need additional information from you to resolve the matter. In addition, when registering with Sonicology Customer Services to receive your royalties, be sure you’ve completed all documentation or answered any outstanding questions to ensure accurate payments. Please check your email and respond to any outstanding emails from Sonicology customer services representatives.
  • How can I access previous statements, not available for download on (Sonicology interactive spreadsheet statement page)?"
    Sonicology provides interactive statements for the three most recent monthly payments, and downloadable statements back to Q1 If you require statements from earlier, please contact Sonicology customer services with a statements request specifying the period you are looking for.
  • Why am I not getting paid for a recording listed in my (Sonicology interactive spreadsheet statement page)?
    Sonicology only pays royalties for recordings that have been played and reported to us by digital radio music services. This may or may not include your entire repertoire submission. Your Sonicology interactive spreadsheet statement will reflect which reported recordings make up your payment. It is also possible another artist or rights owner may be collecting royalties that are owed to you. We can help identify these royalties and get them into the right hands. The first step is to submit the content in question see #6 above. Once we have your submission, we can identify to whom each recording is paid and assist you in the resolution of overlapping claims and disputes. Feel free to contact our Claims Department at 917-464-3835 with any further questions about this process.
  • I'm having trouble logging in
    If you are have issues trying to log into your account use this form to request an admin reset keep in mine you will need to varify your account ownership with several questions. I'm having trouble logging in: Click here.
  • What is your rufund policy.
    There are no refunds for digital produces purchased on the website. If you have an issue with a download we will make every effort fix it.
  • How long does a deal last?
    Becuase it actually takes a bit longer to promote a release then most people realize the terms vary from case to case Typically a deal can range from 2 - 5 years
  • Do I have to sign a recording contract with Sonicology?
    No you do not. Allthough we are an active recording company and label. If you are using our Yearly Unlimited Upload Distribution Services. Your music or video is distributed through our channels and General Partners and regestered with over 60 PRO's around the globe. And you keep... You Keep 100% of your copyright You Keep 100% of your writers You Keep 90% publishing Creator Pro release fall under our " Publishing Partnership Option" And it is also added to the catoloug of Licensed music and videos. This list of licensed content is marketed to other publishers and content supervisors when your work sells. You get notified by email immediatly.
  • Do I have to release all my song with Sonicology?
    No you do not. In fact we primarily release one single at a time. There is no obligation to release again with us although we hope you consider it. You are a free agent, able to choose at any time, any other publisher/label or go on to be sign by any other company. Your relationship with us is a NON-Exclusive representation of one track or video only at a time.
  • Can you guarantee my music will be on BeatPort or my video/film on Netflix
    No. Every release is different and has it's own unique subjective commercial appeal qualities. Furturmore your release will at some point be evaluated by a steaming services program director who has the final say over what is posted to thier sites. But..... ....keep in mind it's in (your and our) best interest to get your music or video playing as my places as possible to genarate revinue.
  • Can I release more than one song at a time.
    Absoluty: With a Creator Pro Membership you can release and unlimited number of songs and tracks of the same or even various artists
  • Can I migrate my catolouge from another service to here?
    Not at this time: This requires extensive take down notices and reposting Which we are not prepared to handle at this time.

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