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ICON MOURNED Jessie Lee Daniels dead

ICON MOURNED Jessie Lee Daniels dead – Beloved Force M.D.’s star passes away as band mourns Tender Love singer

“Please put a heart up for him. He was loved!!!!!!!!!! TO the family, friends, and fans today we lost a real talent. Our condolences goes out to his siblings, kids, and the Force MDs."

The Force MDs were an R&B vocal group formed in Staten Island, New York in 1981. They created six studio albums together, with the last one released in 2000.

Fans and family members took to social media to express their condolences and share memories of the musician's passing.

Jesse was a super talented artist, a great friend to me, and a very special person I’ve known for over 30 years I’m so heartbroken and I’ll miss him immensely. R.I.P.💐 Jesse Lee Danials.🎶

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