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Danny Brown Shares 'Live at The Majestic' Apple Music Concert Documentary Trailer

Danny Brown: Live at The Majestic

The film will be released via the streaming service on Nov. 7.

Danny Brown is heading back to his stomping grounds of Detroit to perform his first-ever show at Detroit's Majestic Theater and Apple Music will chronicle the rapper's preparation process in the upcoming documentary Danny Brown: Live at The Majestic, out Nov. 7.

"This my party right now, I'm partying with my family right now in Detroit," Brown proclaims to the crowd at one of his concerts at the start of the trailer. As the trippy teaser unfolds, Brown takes viewers deep into his neighborhood as he rides the bus, greets pedestrians and hits the recording studio. "I always wanted to be this rap star," he continued. "I was just saying stuff that other people would like, I wasn't being Danny Brown."

The Andrew Cohn-directed film features interviews from the rapper's fans, including a woman who reveals she's drawn to Brown's "introspective side" and a male who says the rapper's lyrics "make you feel like you're not alone."


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The documentary arrives just weeks before Brown's fourth annual Bruiser Thanksgiving event, which Brown and Lil B will co-headline. The event takes place on Wednesday (Nov. 22). Tickets are available for purchase here.

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