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Is Facebook About To Become A Music Streaming Powerhouse?

may be giving Spotify a run for its money in the very near future. Multiple vacancies in the social media giant’s new music task force strongly indicate that Facebook will be launching a ‘comprehensive music strategy’ soon. Uh-oh, Spotify – you might want to keep an eye on this movement.

To put this into perspective, Spotify has roughly 50 million paying subscribers globally. Facebook has 1.86 billion users, which means the company would only need to convert less than 3% of its users to surpass Spotify.

Facebook recently hired accomplished YouTube and Warner Music executive Tamara Hrivnak as its new global music strategy boss. Now, it seems Facebook is looking to move forward with the progression and hire a powerhouse team of music experts. As of now, Facebook is officially looking to hire people in the following positions: Legal Director of Music Licensing, Label Music Business Development Lead, North America Music Publishing Business Development Lead, and International Music Publishing Business Development Lead. Furthermore, Facebook is in search of a Product Manager to ‘lead the strategy and execution of Rights Manager, Facebook’s rights management platform for creators to managecopyrighted music and videos’. All of this strongly suggests that Facebook is making a serious effort to bring digital music into its already monopolistic realm of digital communications.

Each of the above-listed roles require at least 8+ years of experience in music/partner relationship management along with ‘digital music negotiation experience’, so if you’re hoping to land a job after graduation this Spring you may want to hold off until you have a few more years of work experience under your belt.

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