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Limited time offer: Get 25% off when you buy 3 or more items. 

This powerful and versatile template allows you to record, mix and master your song with simple to use click-and-drag presets using only Stock Plugins 

Made for Rock or melodic vocal styles, this is the EASIEST and best-sounding template you will find on the market. Perfect for ALL experience levels.

Make more music and sound professional faster than ever with the Hit Quake Template for  Logic Pro X.

Logic Pro TemplateQuake
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Logic Pro X Template


• Full Tracking and Mixing Template for ALL genres of music

• Full Vocal Preset Chains (Rock Lead, Melodic Leads, Dubs, Adlibs)

• Full FX Rack presets (reverb, delay, modulation, parallel compression)

• Mastering chain preset for hip hop

Cinematic Rock Template.png

And tons of inspirations for your next track. Let the creative genius in you flow. 

Don't miss it and get this unique sample pack now!

What's Included

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"Behind every note that touches the heart, there's a music engineer who shaped its journey,

mixing artistry with technology, music engineers transform soundwaves into emotional landscapes.

Just as a painter uses colors to create a masterpiece, music engineers use frequencies to paint emotions."

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