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Limited time offer: Get 25% off when you buy 3 or more items. 

The modern sound of melodic techno, in a single full-size library. ​

Introducing Onyx - our most extensive, immersive, and versatile Melodic Techno Sample collection ever, meticulously crafted to provide you with the best and most cutting-edge melodic techno sample pack in existence.

Onyx contains a diverse range of warm drum samples, powerful melodic techno leads, shimmering arpeggios, rolling basslines, earth-shaking stabs, and contemporary effects offering everything you need to craft a modern melodic techno track.

In addition to that, we have carefully curated 8 construction kits, designed to assist you in jump-starting your next project or learning from them.
Exclusive! Only available on with a limited time only launch discount.

Afro House EsteLogic Pro X Template
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  • 590 Royalty FREE samples including

    • 222 Drum Samples

    • 51 Lead loops

    • 34 Arp loops

    • 30 Donk samples

    • 79 FX samples

    • 27 Horns

    • 50 FX samples

    • 8 Full construction kits including 98 loops

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Logic Pro X Template


And tons of inspirations for your next track. Let the creative genius in you flow. 

Don't miss it and get this unique sample pack now!

Regularly $34.23


Logic Pro X 10.5 or Higher


"Behind every note that touches the heart, there's a music engineer who shaped its journey,

mixing artistry with technology, music engineers transform soundwaves into emotional landscapes.

Just as a painter uses colors to create a masterpiece, music engineers use frequencies to paint emotions."

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