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Victor ~ is a rapper / poet / performer & legendary party promoter. Vman has pulled off over 350 parties and events to showcase and promote talent.


Victor aka VTG.


As a party promoter, Vman pulled off over 350 parties and events to showcase and promote talent.


Red Parrot, les mouches, Bentley, silver shadow, Nails, the promoters, Roseland club my way, the electric circus, Ronnie club (where I met Alexander fighting over a parking spot,) studio 54, penthouse, cesour,playboy club, Bonds international, just to name a few Lola's, the iron rail, the blue maze,callaloo, mahogany, estacy,fun house (more on request )


1996 launched the career of Shyheim (the rugged child) protege

of the WU Tang Clan


Shyheim ( signed to Virgin records)


I had the pleasure of working with a talented vocalist who I have produced Jeff Williams AKA J-Wil 16 tracks and I also have the pleasure of him working on one of my tunes.



I. Been writing poem since I was about 7 years old ,I was very creative, I just and always had a passion for helping others fulfill their dreams *that where Star-builders came in, Barry Gordy was my hero,) I noticed when I was younger I had a talent that I could write about anything ( I even wrote a book, maybe one day I can get it published )


As far as the future as I said I want to put my book out and continue to work with charitable organization to help in the better of mankind


Q: Can we expect more?


~ Victor

Yes definitely, ok out for more music spend most of my time still writing songs, and looking to write for other people!

Jessie Daniels - Singer, Former MDs

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