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About Sonicology

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  • Distribution



  • \We have one of the most advanced and far-reaching distribution delivery systems anywhere.


  • Sonicology distribution provides the largest digital distribution channels in the world! We make it easy to sell your music on hundreds of online retailers, mobile partners and streaming companies in 140+ countries!


  • You keep 100% of your copyright


  • Delivering your works World Wide including massive new territories in China, Africa, and India.



  • You have the power!! That means that artists essentially get the same exact digital distribution channel used by major labels and many other megastars!   

Band performing
Music Production
On Stage
Guitarist Solo In Concert
Party DJ
Mixing Station
Beat Synthesizer
Hands using recording control panel
Mystick Guitar-player
DJ Mixing
Wedding DJ
DJ In front of Crowd
Rave DJ
Big Concert Crowd
Men Working in Recording Studio
Musician in the Desert
Cheering Concert Crowd
DJ Mixing B&W
Sound Engineer
Big Concert Crowd
Guitar Pedal
Live Recording
Analytics | Reports | Statements
  • Analytics | Reports | Statements



  • Our Sonicology Interactive Statement (SIS) is an all in one reporting system giving you critical data compiled from three key sources plays, charting, revenue earned.


  • The Sonicology Interactive Statement also has easy account update features along with xlsx, and pdf downloads.


  • Keep track of all your release and their progress in various areas across a broad spectrum of data sources in a snap.

Recurring Promotions
  • Recurring Promotions



  • Recurring promotions happen when you opt-in to have your music re-released on a compilation record absolutely free. and you get paid again for those sales also.


  • Recurring promotions allows you a second bite at the distribution apple alongside fresher releases or more establishes Artist. This is a great opportunity to re-energize a song's momentum. 


  • Publishing Partnerships


  • Our Sonicology co-publishing comes in in two formats 


  • The single song publishing partnership. 

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  • Standard publishing/recording deal.

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Publishing Partnerships
  • Royalties


  • Royalties earned for your release are listed on the Sonicology Interactive Statement and are paid out with PayPal

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  • Royalties are paid to you monthly. And weekly on some accounts

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